SunshinePHP Conference - February 7th-9th, 2019

It's warm and sunny in Florida. Take a break from the cold to enjoy some sunshine, and talk about PHP!


Below is a full listing of the keynotes to be presented during the conference from February 8th to 9th, 2019.

Confessions Of a Not-So-Accidental Leader

Chris Hartjes
Opening Keynote

During a lunch break at a job in 2003 a co-worker looked me straight in the eye and told me "I think you should take a leadership course because I see something in you. Stop laughing! I'm serious!" I told that person they had the wrong impression of me. But ultimately they were right. 16 years later I can look back at a successful series of events and organizations (both inside and outside of programming) that I have been a part of.

In this talk am I going to share my journey from frustrated developer to confident organizer, navigating my way through and around obstacles to help create the groups I wanted to be part of doing the things I wanted to do.

Pop Songs and Programming for Fun and Profit

PJ Hagerty
Closing Keynote

Ever wonder what it takes to live in the world of an open source developer? What if everything you can learn comes from the world of pop songs?

We can learn a lot of from music, but in this talk, let's listen and see how we can be better developers.

Through a series of pop songs we’ll look at what it’s like to:
- Start out on your own as a programmer - not sure where to go or to get involved in open source
- Work on a team dedicated to Open Source in the crazy world of SV/SF
- Open Source at a big blue company, and how large corporations view Open Source
- Sharing your knowledge with the next line of new folks looking to get in on OSS
- Going out on your own - giving a conference talk - being the expert and sharing what you know

Dealing With Development Overload

David Bisset
General Session

The options, tools, and technologies available to developers seems to be ever increasing in today’s development world. In fact, it's become almost overwhelming, even for those focused just focused on a particular area of development. Anxiety and confusion can effect one's professional career and mental health.

What People Will Learn
This talk will walk through simple but important steps that can apply to both beginner developers and senior developers in terms of how to determine what areas that they might want to focus in, and where they can go. Those that manage remote teams can also learn how to encourage developers and individuals on their teams.

Why It’s Important
Work/Life balance is important, but the "fear of missing out" is a powerful and many times an overwhelming emotion. Especially since many developers appreciate that they can't learn everything, especially if they have a family and social life. So many in our industry are overworked, fearful on some level, and feeling they are not putting the right priorities first.

My Experience With This Topic
It's simple - as a developer for 11+ years in the PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, tech conference, and other communities (and 25+ years in general)... as someone who has a family of three children and other responsibilities... I can personally relate.

Welcome to the PHP community

Nara Kasbergen
General Session

Congratulations! By attending SunshinePHP, you are now a full-fledged member of the PHP community. Your attendee badge is your membership card, proving your acceptance into this global society. My goal is to make that seem exciting instead of intimidating, especially if this is your first PHP conference (or perhaps even your first tech conference altogether!). But even if you’ve attended SunshinePHP before, there is probably more you can get out of the conference and give back to the community.

The theme of this talk is leveling up: approaching membership in the PHP community to a degree that's appropriate for you based on your prior involvement. If this is your first conference, you'll learn how to get the most out of it, including navigating the talk schedule, the official and unofficial after-hours events, and how to keep in touch with the people you meet afterwards. We’ll also discuss the importance of giving feedback on the sessions you attend using and review best practices for how to write constructive comments. If you've been here before and/or are already a regular attendee at your local meetup, I'll go over how to deepen your involvement, including how best to support your user group, take a more active role in the conference scene, and start making tiny but meaningful contributions to the open source ecosystem. Finally, for the longtime members looking to make a lasting impact in the community, I’ll go over the highest tier of community contributions, which includes running a user group, technical blogging, contributing to open source, and speaking at meetups and conferences — and why the latter isn’t nearly as scary as you might think, even if you're a shy introvert like me!

Think Like a Trainer: Strategies for Improving Your Communication Skills

Olivia Liddell
General Session

Think back to a time when you were in a conversation that could have gone better. Perhaps you said something the wrong way, or you walked away from the conversation not fully knowing if the other person even understood what you were trying to convey.

Technical trainers rely on effective communication as the foundation of everything that we do. We help end users to learn how to use software and adjust to new workflows, through the process of constantly adapting to different backgrounds, skill levels, and learning styles.

In this session, you’ll learn actionable strategies to begin thinking like a trainer, including:
- Using active listening techniques to communicate with empathy.
- Best practices for explaining technical concepts in non-technical terms.
- Adjusting your communication approach for different communication styles.

Using problem solving skills to help you get unstuck during difficult conversations.